A Veggie DJ's shopping guide to LA

There is something to be admired in a man who rode the wave of 80s, 90s and Noughties supertechno and trance and is still around - and making music – to tell the tale. Ensconced in LA for most of the year where he lives out his DJ fantasies of twiddling knobs for hours on end in some uber cool recording studio, William Orbit has discovered the healthy side to spending a lifetime hovering over the wheels of steel.

Here's how to live the LA life according to the man himself:

Target, on the Pacific Coast Highway, which is a quick hop from LAX, is apparently a whole high street under one roof. There is nothing you can't buy here. But isn’t the point of being on the high street just that – that it’s a street – with sky, weather, smells and all that stuff....? target.com

Next for Mr Cool is The Whole Foods Market in El Segundo – which is a ‘dreamlike state’ for the Orbster while he is filling up his trolley with tofu frankfurters and La Brea Bakery Granola (there is the chance that Mr Orbit is still under the influence of those pink and blue pills that were doing the rounds in the 80s....) wholefoodsmarket.com

After such as exhausting day in LA, Orbit goes gadget shopping at RadioShack on the Pacific Highway doubtless to fill his basket with tweedles and tweekers.

The moral of the story? Now you’ll know where to grab your pressies on the way to the airport.

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