A Valentine’s Day trip to Berlin.

If you’re a modern cinema-loving couple who find the schmaltzy side of Valentine’s Day a little much, you can still make the event more than a card with an arrow-pierced heart and a trip to one of the so called romantic destinations. Why not opt for ‘cool’ Berlin and take in the famous off-beat Berlinale Film Festival? Its jury this year is chaired by the charming Isabella Rossellini and the festival opens with the iconic Coen brothers’ film ,‘True Grit’.

Berlin may be grittier than Paris, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego luxury. You can still push the boat out and stay at the city’s top grand hotel, the Hotel Rome. Housed in the former Dresdner bank, the swimming pool is actually a converted vault. Check out their special package for couples which includes a Shiseido bath, champagne and truffles and breakfast in bed with a large selection of films you can watch while snuggled up together.

Easy Jet flies to Berlin Schoenefeld from London Luton, Gatwick and Liverppol and Ryanair flies to Berlin Schoenefeld from London Stansted, Dublin and Edinburgh and has offers on now for February.

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