A trip to make Christmas magical for the family

If you’re planning ahead for Christmas and would like to do more than frantically raid the shops, why not consider making more out of it this year with a trip to a stately home, with a Christmas theme? Visit the Christmas Mansion at Tatton Park, Cheshire, for a feel of the splendour of Christmas in days gone by.

The Mansion at Tatton Park (Ashley Road, Knutsford, Cheshire) showcases the festive scene as it was when the Egerton Family threw their amazing Christmas bashes back in the 19th century.

Give the family the opportunity to experience a grand Victorian style Christmas by visiting the Mansion Staterooms (weekdays only) which are specially decorated with garlands and floral displays made from items from the gardens and parkland.

Room stewards will give you the low down on the history of the house and family and tell you a little about Christmas past, and you can also attend decoration demos and learn how to reproduce the beautiful decorations for your own home.

The Park’s Stables Restaurant will be serving plenty of Christmas goodies to warm you up and the specialist shops will be selling festive foods and unusual gifts for presents.

The Christmas Mansion is open in December from Wednesday to Sunday (except on the 25th) from 12-4p.m.

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