A Paris theme park to keep the children happy.

If you’re looking for a destination that will please all the family, why not head for a European theme park, not too far away from home, with one of Europe’s most exciting capitals and culinary meccas nearby? No, we’re not talking about Disneyland, Paris, where most travellers with kids have been, but Parc Asterix, just 30km north of the French capital, and only two and a half hours away from Calais, for those who prefer to take the car.

Disney may dominate and admittedly the attractions are a wow, but if you prefer something quirkier and a little less twee, not to mention a more ‘local experience’, then Parc Asterix (www.parcasterix.fr) is the place, especially if the kids are fans of Gallic hero Asterix and his Roman fighting chums.

The unique French theme park features five different time zones to explore, a host of quality rides (some on the wild side that teenagers will love) and Europe’s longest wooden rollercoaster for those looking for a thrill. There are also regular live shows throughout the day to keep the whole family entertained, and you get the chance to shake hands with, and talk to Goscinny’s characters, Asterix and his friends in their ‘village’.

If you’re flying to Paris, the Parc is a ten minute bus ride from Charles de Gaulle airport, where special buses depart every thirty minutes. If you’re in central Paris, take the metro to the airport, and if you’re driving down, Asterix Parc has its own exit from the motorway. The Parc is not only so easy to get to, it’s cosier and less crowded than Disney Land and entry is cheaper, making it an excellent stress free option!

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