A new luxury Hotel...in Battersea: the Hotel Verta.

Somehow Battersea and luxury don’t trip lightly off the tongue together yet Battersea, on the south side of the Thames, is where the new luxury Hotel Verta ( www.hotelverta.com) is housed. Reviewed by the Mail as ‘a cut above the rest’ of the buildings - the ‘incongruous blocks of flats to which professionals are meant to aspire’, this curved, sleek glass hotel has the advantage for wealthy clients of overlooking London Heliport. The disadvantages are taken care of by the omnipresent triple-glazing.

The area may not be the most fashionable, but the hotel does offer a great view of the river, is spanking new and glitzy, and has an excellent bar with secluded seating areas. Its top-notch restaurant, the Patrisey, serves superb dishes such as double-baked goat’s cheese soufflé, calves liver, and halibut in a brown shrimp sauce, and a knowledgeable sommelier will serve the right wine to accompany your meal.

Work off the calories in the basement gym where there’s also a spa with a large ‘hydro vitality pool’, before going to your supposedly ‘standard’ double room. It actually has a TV at the end of the bath and the bed’s leather headboard goes from floor to ceiling. The bed itself is wonderfully comfortable. Double rooms start at £175 per night, excluding VAT.

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