A new look at Leeds

Hands down the best sarnie in Leeds and possibly in the grim north can be easily found by joining the queue that winds its way daily to Pickles & Potter in the Kirkgate market.

Oh, and while you are constructing your door-jam of a sandwich, slices of red-centred beef joined in gastronomic matrimony with a hunk of smoked cheese, a wholegrain bap, and some kind of marmalade, take a look to your left and make a cultural note that the tripe stall in Kirkgate market was the first of its kind to appear on the intraweb!

After which you can settle in at the ´forty-part motet´ at Opera North in the Grand Theatre. An installation that comprises 40 audio speakers arranged around the room, each playing an individual part of Thomas Tallis’ ´Spem in Alium´- of course you know what that sounds like.

Having had sensual love made to your aural faculties, trip along to A Nation of Shopkeepers, Brduenell, where the stringent door policy keeps most of the riff-raff on the street where they belong. There are a few sneaky students who manage to get in, but they're easily spotted. They´ll be the drunk ones, crammed on to leather sofas under arty projections as electro music beeps around the room.

Still not impressed? Then get take yourself off to the Brudenell Social Club for pints, darts and more of your ilk you grumpy old goat!

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