A Mediterranean spring cruise is just the ticket.

If you’re looking for a last minute spring cruise close to home, take advantage of a great offer with P&O cruises and save up to a massive £850 per person. Their liner, the Ventura, which carries up to 3500 passengers, sails from Southampton on April 29 for a 14-night spin around the Western Mediterranean.

Ports of call include sunny laid-back Cadiz, buzzing Barcelona, exclusive Monte Carlo, Livorno, for excursions to Florence and Pisa, Civitavecchia, for the eternal city, Rome, and Valencia, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Once on board, just lay back, drink in hand, and enjoy the sun, take a swim in one of the three pools, or if you start to feel a little restless, join in one of the activities that teeter on the right side of wacky, such as tight-wire walking, stilt walking or braving the flying trapeze. You can also enjoy more traditional exercise like aerobics, or practise your golf drive, or be pampered with one of the treatments in the health centre. Oh yes, and it’s possible to get married on board, with the captain officiating if you fancy tying the knot on the high seas.

If you book through the Telegraph Travel Shop (travelshop.telegraph.co.uk 0844 871 2115) you will get a special price starting at £799 per person, based on two people sharing a cabin. The price includes meals and entertainment.

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