A literary weekend devoted to the perusal of prose – Heaven or Hell?

Someone has finally cottoned on, that to many travellers the notion of being fed and watered beside a roaring fire while they do nothing but bury their head in a novel is heaven on earth.

Journalist and Radio 4 playwright Damian Barr who hosts the Soho House Literary Salon – that's book club to you, has come up with The Reading Weekend a residential book club dedicated solely to the enjoyment of literature, and held in an equally prestigious setting, Tilton House in Berwick, Sussex.

Turn off your mobiles and close the laptops, get into something comfy and take hold of this homemade damson gin for a bed-time story.

You’ll get to rub shoulders with the literati and some of Fleet Street’s more reputable types – if there are a few left.

Take a walk in the local woods, eat and enjoy the finest of conversation but best of all, you get to read, read and then read some more.

Now, while the bibliotherapy appointment – a one-to-one session to diagnose guests' reading 'difficulties' might be going a bit too far into the self-help section of the bookshop, this weekend is a definite for bibliophiles – and probably only for people who know what a bibliophile is!

The next weekend runs from 19-21 February and costs £385pp, inc accommodation, food and drink, bibliotherapy and guest author, David Nicholls. Check out www.tiltonhouse.co.uk/workshops.

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