A Legendary Cornwall Holiday

Traditionally regarded as the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur, Cornwall is fast becoming a top destination for holidays. Numerous beaches, dreamy woodland, and mystic rocks make it easy to believe the tales of mermaids swimming around its shores.

The Hurlers are a group of prehistoric stone circles on Bodmin Moor. Legend has it these were once men turned into boulders after they played games on a Sunday. More of these distinct rock formations can be seen in Men-an-Tol, Morvah, and are believed to have healing powers.

There are more fascinating ancient sites on a Cornwall holiday: burial monuments, Roman legacies, and “holy” wells. The Chysauster Ancient Village, for example, dates back to the Iron Age, a settlement of stone walls, thatched rooms, and an underground passage.

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There are loads of museums to visit in Cornwall during a holiday. Within a Victorian house in the middle of a park is the Penlee House Gallery and Museum featuring the Newlyn School artists, who focus on the life of the community and its fishing traditions. At Tate St Ives, on the other hand, a more abstract, modernist school of art takes the stage.

A place of historical significance from the time of Henry VIII until World War II, Pendennis Castle is great for interactive lessons in military history. Warn of an enemy attack at the Battery Observation Post, stock up on ammunition in the Underground Magazines, and live the life of a soldier in the War Shelter.

The home of afternoon tea is also host to food festivals. The Falmouth Oyster Festival is a riot of music and seafood, while only the best in gastronomy is showcased at the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival. For dishing up your own take on Cornwall cuisine, head to the farmers markets for the freshest ingredients around.

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