A hotel with a difference in young, trendy, affordable Berlin.

In the words of Germany’s best-known city leader, mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, ‘Berlin is a young, lively, high-energy metropolis bursting with urban vitality, drawing to it young and creative people from all over the world.’ He also called it ‘poor, but sexy’. Indeed Berlin is trendy, affordable and a big destination for budget airlines. The town’s affordability is certainly one draw for the hip, young crowd it attracts: forty percent of visitors are under 35. But not the only one; in 2006, UNESCO designated Berlin the first European City of Design, recognizing it as a city with an edge that appeals to artists and almost 7,000 design companies as well as growing fashion, film and architecture industries. It also has a world-famous night life.

So where do the young and trendy stay when they visit this vibrant town? Apart from a number of sleek hotels that are springing up, Berlin is home to one of the quirkiest hotels around, the Propeller Island City Lodge (propeller-island.com). Stay in one of the hotel’s 30 wacky rooms, designed by artist-owner, Lars Stroschen. The first room to be built is designed to look like a brightly painted medieval town, with a mini golf course surrounding the castle bed. Another has gravity defying furniture attached to the ceiling, and another room has coffins for beds. Or how about staying in the Freedom Room, a mock prison, complete with a toilet next to the bed? Apparently the kids’ favourite room contains lion cages on stilts. More than a hotel, this is a work of modern art in the heart of Berlin. Whether you’re young and adventurous or more mature but have a penchant for the unconventional, you’ll love this weird and wonderful lodge.

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