A Holiday in the Faroe Islands

Rediscover nature’s enchantment in the layered mountains, great stretch of ocean, and droves of seabirds of the Faroe Islands, “the world’s most appealing destination” according to a National Geographic survey and just perfect for a holiday.

The glacier buttercup, marsh marigold, puffin, and Faroese horse are common sights on a holiday in the Faroe Islands, as are houses with grass roofs, remnants of the Viking era. Go sailing, fishing, or horseback riding. Walk along centuries-old trails and pick any of the 14 routes leading to awesome views of the islands while savouring the fresh air and the frosty fog. Rent a bike, go kayaking along the waves, or diving, or join a bird tour.

Check out photos of the Faroe Islands here!

Set a date to learn more about the Faroe Islands on your holiday. Listasavn Føroya, or the National Art Gallery, features Faroese masters in painting, sculpture, and lithography. Gallerie Focus, Leikalund, and Snarskivan are other art studios to visit. A complex of historical buildings can be found at the Kirkjubøur farming village, such as St. Olav’s Church, the Ruins of the Mortuary, and the 900-year-old Roykstova. Føroya Fornminnissavn is also worth a visit.

Have a holiday in the Faroe Islands during the summer. There are numerous festivals during this season, with St. Olav’s Day being the most gaily celebrated. Residents hold a procession on the 28th of July in honour of their patron saint. They also hold a boat race, and concerts. The streets are filled with people dressed in their national costume, greeting each other and meeting up with friends.

For a truly Faroese holiday, try catching some sheep or seabirds then have them cooked into the local dishes. Or head to one of the locals’ homes and snatch a piece of fish left out to dry!

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