A Holiday in Boston

Soak up the history, take in the museums, and savour the food on a Boston holiday. America meets Europe in this cultural capital, which ranked 37th on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey list of the World’s Most Liveable Cities in 2008.

Seafood takes the spotlight on a Boston holiday, as Massachusetts has the biggest fishing industry in the US, second only to Alaska. Have a taste at the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in the US, which combines great food with a friendly atmosphere and a performance by some of the city’s professional shuckers. Neptune Oyster is another popular spot for lobster rolls, oyster crackers, and fried clams. Don’t forget to bring a plate at the annual Chowderfest, a search for Boston's best chowder and the city’s signature dish, which usually takes place on the Independence Day weekend.

Learning is made fun at Boston Children’s Museum, the first “green museum” in the city. Constructed from recycled materials, it has exhibitions such as the Science Playground, Boats Afloat, and Johnny’s Workbench. Make another stop at the New England Aquarium, with over 600 marine species like octopuses, turtles, and sharks.

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A few hours of a Boston holiday should be spent at the Walking City’s theatre district, where the Opera House, Boston Ballet, and Boston Symphony Orchestra are located.

Slow down at the Emerald Necklace, a series of parks including the Public Garden, famous for the Swan Boats crossing the lagoon. Franklin Park is a 485-acre space with a zoo, a golf course, and picnic areas, and the Arnold Arboretum is a sanctuary for 15,000 trees cared for by Harvard University. Jamaica Pond is another serene spot for a Boston holiday, a 50-feet deep pool formed by a glacier, where communal events are held today.

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