A head for heights: walking on air.

Nowadays travellers are constantly pushing back barriers, looking for adventure holidays, extreme sports, more remote destinations. One recent trend is to take in a spectacular view from high in the sky and a lot of hype has been given to two American sites, the Skywalk platform in Arizona, with its awe inspiring view of the Grand Canyon 4000ft below, and the Skydeck, transparent ledges attached to the Willis Tower in Chicago.

But if you can’t get to the US but enjoy looking down on the world, we’d like to suggest two possibilities in Europe. The first is the Five Fingers Viewing Platform in the Austrian Alps. So called because the five platforms are shaped like a hand, each platform, 1300ft up in the Dachstein Alps, looks over the Salzkammergut Lakes, but has its own feature. Experience the view through glass floors, through a peephole in the floor, through a ‘picture frame, through a telescope or try to quell the vertigo as you watch a ‘close to the edge’ trampoline display.

Alternatively, the Aurland Lookout in southern Norway, offers a scary spectacular experience with a view of a stunningly beautiful landscape. The minimalist viewing slope looks out over a tributary of one of the world’s longest fjords.

Easy Jet flies to Innsbruck from Bristol, Liverpool and London Gatwick and Ryanair flies to Oslo from Liverpool and London Stansted.

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