A Guide to Your Switzerland Holidays

Switzerland is a place for the bold and adventurous. Start your Switzerland holiday by getting on a tin toboggan and sliding down the slopes of the high-speed Rellerli Mountain, the thrilling Fräkmüntegg Mountain, and the giant slide at Atzmännig Leisure Park. Visit one of the suspension rope parks in the forest of Balmberg in Charmey, or in Engelberg-Titlis, and find yourself balancing on rope bridges several kilometres up in the air.

Go higher up on one of the “Via ferrate” mountain routes and conquer the three summits at Braunwald, triumph over the biggest Alpine glacier at Aletsch, and try to keep your lunch down at Diavolo. You can also try other sports like cycling, canoeing, and skating. Nordic walking is another popular activity.

Next, soothe your frazzled nerves at one of Switzerland’s wellness resorts. The hot springs of Baden ("Bathing") captivated Roman soldiers millennia ago and are still delightful to today. The "rose village” of Weggis on Lake Lucerne beguiles with its rose petal baths. Fresh air, wonderful sights, and healthy food are the allure of Adelboden.

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Hop aboard the GoldenPass Line railway train and enjoy a meal as you traverse the Swiss countryside. Down some cherry brandy as you ascend Mount Rigi. Chocolate lovers can take the Swiss Chocolate Train instead, and go on a tour of the Cailler-Nestlé factory.

Swiss chocolates are among the best in the world. After all, Rudolf Sprüngli (of Lindt & Sprüngli), Jean Tobler (of Toblerone), and Daniel Peter (who invented milk chocolate), set up factories here.

Swiss cheese is also a worldwide favorite. Try the distinct Appenzeller, milky Vacherin, and popular Gruyère.

Go wine-tasting as you explore the vineyards on your Switzerland holidays! Enjoy the finest selections from Ticino, Valais, and Bündner Herrschaft, home of the popular children’s book character Heidi.

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