A Guide to Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde is the quintessential lonely tropical isle, 500km off the coast of Senegal in Africa. The haunting local music—mornos (mournful songs) nourishes the soul with its melancholy Portuguese melodies and West African rhythms. Cape Verde holidays lure visitors to this beautiful place to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Portuguese-African Creoles.

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Though only a tiny footprint on the African map, the Cape Verde islands are sculpted with a remarkable variation of landscapes; from Maio’s barren flats, to the lush valleys of Santo Antao. There are the tourist magnet beaches of Sal and Boa Vista, and the single volcano, Fogo, whose slopes are marbled with streaks of frozen lava rivulets.

Most travellers who go on Cape Verde holidays go there to enjoy its natural attractions: hiking around the sleeping volcano and nearby mountains, windsurfing along its wave rider beaches, or even deep-sea sport fishing by seasoned anglers off the island’s coasts. Sal is the perfect paradise for beach bums and watersports aficionados.

The best place to shop is in Santa Maria, on the Ilha do Sal. This is the primary tourist centre, so there are loads of things to buy. There are many curio shops, handicrafts stores and a small open market that’s filled to the brim with wood carvings, paintings, African masks, batiks, bongo drums, and necklaces and bracelets. You’ll get a wide variety of gifts to bring home to friends and loved ones.

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