A Guide to a Slovenia Holiday

A sea of green greets the world-weary traveller in Slovenia. Home to species of flora and fauna which have become extinct in other European countries, this small country is big of heart, a rare hideaway of mountains, rivers, and caves.

Since working the land is an integral part of Slovenian life, travellers have the opportunity to experience it themselves. Tourist farms have sprouted in the country, where families welcome guests into their home and include them in such activities as gathering grapes, attending rural fairs, and eating home-cooked specialties. Aside from trying their hand at traditional handicrafts, raking hay, and feeding the animals, paragliding, swimming, and white-water kayaking are activities for everyone to enjoy.

More facets of Slovenian history are revealed at the National Museum of Slovenia. A journey through The Path of Venus, which links the castles and mediaeval settlements of Slovenia to those in Austria, Germany, and The Czech Republic, is enlightening as well.

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The underworld is unveiled within Slovenia’s Karst, an eerie medley of limestone walls, springs, and caves, one of which, Postojna Cave, is the most visited in the continent. The Karst teems with life, the “human fish” being one of the most interesting. An amphibian 30 centimetres long, its flesh is coloured like human skin, and it is without eyes.

A Slovenia holiday is better in summer, when one of the world’s biggest celebrations occurs – Festival Lent, 26 days of concerts, dance performances, literary programmes, sports events, and street theatre in Maribor. Winter brings a parade of snow sculptures in Podpeca, where teams compete to mould the best ice castle in the land, complete with high staircases, twinkling lights, and puppet kings. Slovenia is also host to a range of athletic competitions including bicycling, gymnastics, and skiing.

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