A gastronomic holiday with a difference.

If having a quirky reason to visit a place gives your holiday an added kick and you’re a serious food lover, you might like to think about making a country’s iconic dish the focus of your holiday. We’ve chosen 2 countries’ signature dishes from a BBC Travel list to get your teeth into before planning your next holiday.

Top of the list must be Peking Duck. To taste this wonderful dish, head straight for Bianyifang (Chengzhuang Road, Fengtai, Beijing), the famous Peking Duck restaurant which first opened in 1416 and centuries later, continues to offer the very best of this crispy, tasty delight. The crispiness of the duck's skin is the result of a process that lasts days. Alternatively, or if you’re ready for more, try Beijing's largest duck restaurant, Quan Ju De (Dongcheng District, Beijing), which can serve up more than 5,000 portions a day in its seven storey eatery; an experience not to be missed.

And if you’re in swanky Singapore, remember to try mouthwatering Singapore Chilli Crab, created in 1950 by the owners of Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant (1 Fullerton Road, Singapore). The award winning dish still attracts customers galore, but you can also go native and order this juicy crab in delicious, sweet, sticky chilli sauce along with a Tiger beer at a hawker market, have fun and save that hard earned cash.

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