A Dublin Pub Crawl

Dublin – October – it’s Raining – (brief respite for Halloween) – then it’s raining again till Paddy’s Day: fancy a pint? Now, we can give you the list of pubs that the tourists will be in, or the list of superpubs come discos come noise warehouses where you can’t hear yourself think, or you can have the list of really decent Dublin pubs.....

The Sackville Lounge unassuming and strangely addictive, this is the kind of place you can wander into for a pre-cinema pint, get talking to a guy who keeps his belongings in a plastic bag, and emerge at 1am feeling like you are actually in a movie. Sackville Place is one of Dublin's hidden wonders.

The Long Hall. The carpet looks like it's taken more abuse than Shane McGowan, Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott shot a video here and it's got a lounge full of punters rather than 'clientele'.

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