A cruise in winter!

It might seem like a crazy idea but a cruise around the Mediterranean in winter is one of the best times to travel. While you wont get as much sun and all the typical med stuff you will see countries in a whole new way. Some of the best countries to hit on your chttps://intra.goadv.com/editorial_cms/index.php?action=search_article-manage&id_news=13579&cnt_country=uk&cnt_brand_group=excite&cnt_brand=search.excite.co.ukruise have to be Spain, Italy, Turkey and Jordan. They are simply amazing to see in winter. Athens and Greece are incredible also, this is due to the four amazing mountains that surround it.

Because you have to be a little mad to cruise in the winter there are a lot less people which makes it a real relaxing experience. The best website that we have come across for winter cruises has to be the thomascook website. These guys are the kings of cruise websites. They have everything laid out in such a way that it will only take you seconds to get things booked. Also booking in winter means you should have no problems picking the perfect time for you to go. If you need any extra information they have a freephone cruise specialist at hand to help you get things in order.

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