A Cornucopia of Natural Wonders on Your Antalya Holiday

Sure, it's nice to lie on a stretch of warm sand while you're on a break. Even a shopping trip halfway across the globe sounds good. But if you're looking for a real getaway, Antalya in Turkey is the place to go.

Satisfy your craving for the past and wander through the ancient terrain of Ariassos, stroll past the mausoleums in Termessos, or walk among the Seljuk carvings in Karatay Medrese. See some of the finest examples of Turkish-Seljuk calligraphy within the walls of the Murat Pasha Mosque, or visit the Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, situated next to the Kalekapisi Clock Tower. Nearby, you will find the Antalya Museum, where artefacts and works of art are displayed in the 14 exhibition halls and the open air gallery, a reminder of the city's early grandeur.

Dive into the sea, a virtual history book of World War II. The Kas Plane Wreck features the Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM 79 war plane, while the Paris Ship Wreck is a cargo vessel lodged deep in the sand. Headed back from a bombing mission to Romania in 1944, a B-24 American war plane fell from the skies after being shot; some of its parts still lie underwater. Also in the 'fathoms below' are the antiques of the Gelidonya and Uluburun wrecks, like hippopotamus teeth, turtle shells, and turquoise glass.

Three of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Mediterranean – Duden, Kursunlu, and Manavgat – can be found on your Antalya holiday. Spend a few blissful hours bathing in the rushing stream, or go caving amidst the stalactites and stalagmites in nearby Beldibi. Look out for the Kardelen, a white mountain flower unique to Antalya, growing among the region's 3,000-plus species of flora.

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