A gem of a boutique hotel for your Roman holiday.

Having read rave reviews about this hotel, and knowing how difficult it can be to find good accommodation in Rome and not get ripped off, we decided we just had to try it, and were not disappointed. Housed in a four storey, 1930s building that was once the Headquarters of Allied Intelligence during World War Two, Relais 6, Via Tolomino (www.relais6.com), in the wealthy residential area down the Nomentana, offers four star accommodation, excellent service and beautiful surroundings.

The quiet, spacious rooms with en suite bathrooms, are tastefully decorated in that perfect mix of traditional and contemporary and the hotel has its own typical Roman courtyard and a rooftop terrace, offering atmospheric views of the Italian capital. Discreet apartments are available with a small kitchen for families.

The general feel is of being in that perfect home you’ve always wanted. Downstairs the lounge is somewhere you can enjoy relaxing, with comfy sofas, and a barman with a smile who seems to appear from nowhere just when needed. An excellent buffet breakfast is served in the cosy dining room and in the garden in summer. There are lovely quirky old style collections in cabinets dotted around the communal areas, a memory of past war days.

The hotel is around 15 minutes from the centre by bus and is in a wonderfully quiet area to return to after a day of sightseeing. There are some excellent restaurants and wine bars nearby if you like to get back to the hotel and shower before going out to supper, and prefer not to return to the centre.

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