The best zoo holidays

If you love animals and you love holidays (and let's face it - who doesn't?) you may be interested to know about the latest travel craze - staying overnight in a zoo!

You can enjoy behind the scenes tours in the zoo and wake up to the sound of animals rather than the sound of traffic during rush hour. There are a couple of zoos around the UK that allow you to spend the night - including London Zoo - but the craze has particularly taken off in Australia.

Going on zoo holidays are perfect for animal lovers: take a tour of the zoo at night without all the hustle and bustle you expect during the day, see the nocturnal animals in a way that you wouldn’t during the day, and get an exclusive guided tour and learn things about the animals as you go.

Our favourite zoo that offers this overnight stay is Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Once you arrive, you get a snack and nibbles and meet some animals like snakes and lizards. You can hold them as you learn about them from the experts.

You will go for a buffet dinner before taking a guided tour of the zoo. This is particularly good as you'll have the place almost all to yourself! After your tour of the zoo, it is time to have a drink and snack while taking in the beautiful views over Sydney Harbour.

Then call it a night as you have a 6am start the next morning. Wake up to the sound of the animals and have some breakfast before squeezing in another backstage tour. You will see the animals getting their breakfast and you might be lucky enough to feed some of the animals yourself! Once that is over you can spend as long in the zoo as you wish and take full advantage of the time you have before the doors open and people flood in.

It is an experience you will not forget quickly!

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