Travel tips for budget travellers

Many of us dream about travelling the world, but relatively few actually do it. The main stumbling block is usually budget restrictions. But with our travel tips, you can travel cheaply without compromising on experiences!

  • Budget travel takes careful planning. You'll need to set a spending limit each day, so it makes sense to book a good value hostel in advance (last minute bookings often involve shelling out more). And, in most cases, the earlier you book your flights, the less you pay.
  • Overnight transportation, such as sleeper trains, long distance buses and red eye flights, are great for budget travel. You'll save on a night's accommodation, plus you'll maximise the amount of time you spend in your destination.
  • Eating out is often one of the biggest travel expenses, so make full use of hostel cooking facilities. However, tasting local flavours is an integral part of travel, so rather than refraining from eating out altogether, just take some time to find a cheap eat. Early bird menus are often good value, and lunch menus are often cheaper than dinner menus.
  • Walking is one of the best ways to explore a new city, and it will cost you nothing. You can often print out free self guided walking tours for tourists online.
  • Visit the local Tourism Office for plenty of free advice, free maps and discount vouchers and deals on local attractions.
  • Lone travellers will often pay more for accommodation. Try to join forces with another traveller so that you can split bills and meals.
  • Watch out for free entry attractions. In Europe, many museums and galleries are free.
  • Rail and bus passes can often be excellent value for money - but only if you're going to use them enough! Carefully consider how much you will use the pass before you shell out.


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