Budget travel advice for couples

More and more of the backpacking community is comprised of couples, but most budget travel advice is aimed at lone travellers or groups of friends. Backpacking as a couple can present its own unique set of challenges, and here we aim to deal with some of the most common ones.

The sleeping arrangements

Let's deal with the obvious piece of travel advice first! One of the biggest problems that face backpacking couples is the sleeping arrangements. Many hostels do offer private rooms (double or twin) but these are commonly over twice as expensive per person than dorm rooms. For example, in Australia, you can find a dorm in a good hostel for around $20 per night, but private rooms usually start at around $100 per night.

If you're travelling for a short period of time, you may not mind the lack of privacy - but if you're travelling for an extended period of time you'll probably want your own space. A good compromise is to rotate between dorms and privates in each location.

The space issue

When you're in a foreign country with someone, you'll probably be with them all day everyday. You probably won't have your own groups of friends, hobbies, houses or places of work. You'll be with your partner 24/7. We call it the "space issue".

No matter how long you've been with your partner, you'll probably learn more about them on the road. You'll see the best and worst in them, and they in you. It can be tough going.

We recommend that instead of trying to ignore the issue, you deal with it upfront. If you're feeling a bit suffocated, take yourself off to an art gallery while your partner takes a nap, have an early night while your partner has a drink in the hostel bar, follow your own interests independently... Ultimately, our best piece of travel advice for couples is to be honest with your partner and be honest with yourself.

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