A holiday with a difference - Siberia

Are you making plans for your next holiday but find yourself a little bored with the standard destinations like France, Spain, Greece and Italy? Then take a trip to... Siberia!

More about Siberia

Siberia is little-known to many people, but the region makes a wonderful holiday destination.

Where is Siberia?

Siberia is a part of Russia and is largely in the "Asian" part of the continent. It has an area of ​​up to 10,006,400 km². Siberia is divided into several areas: the North Siberian Lowland, the West Siberian Lowland, the Central Siberian Uplands, the Southern Siberian mountains, the Central Yakut Valley, the eastern hills and the eastern Siberian Siberian Lowland.

The climate of Siberia

Because of its location Siberia has an extreme continental climate, which results in hot summers and cold winters. Mid-winter temperatures can be as low as 70 degrees below zero! However, it is pleasantly warm in summer: temperatures above 30 degrees are not unusual.

Landscape of Siberia

Taiga is the main feature of the Siberian landscape. Taiga consists of vast, cold and damp coniferous forests and is part of the largest forest on earth. North of the taiga is the tundra permafrost. For lovers of forests, and also beautiful lakes, Siberia is an ideal holiday destination. Photography enthusiasts will also love the vast wilderness and incredible landscapes. And for those who like peace and quiet, Siberia is a perfect!

Travel options in Siberia

Of course you can explore independently in Siberia, but have you ever considered a trip on the Trans Siberian? You can travel for several days all the way from Moscow to Beijing, or you can book your journey in stages to enjoy visits to one of the historic Russian cities along the route, or to soak up the beautiful natural scenery.

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