September holiday deals

Autumn means back to school, cooler weather and cheaper travel. As the high season draws to a close, you can pick up some real bargains on September holiday deals. Many destinations are at their best in early autumn, and here we explore some of the best options for travel in September.

Provence, France

Provence is beautiful all year round, but peak travel season is in late spring and summer. In September, the crowds have moved on, the leaves are starting to change colours and hotels and guesthouses have dropped their prices. Temperatures remain pleasant, so pack a light jacket for countryside walks.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Many of Amsterdam's residents claim that the city is at its best in September. The tree-lined canals are certainly very visually impressive, and the city's extensive range of galleries and museums make it a great destination come rain or shine.

The Mediterranean

If you're still craving warm sunshine, head a little further south. Mediterranean destinations such as Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Southern Italy and the Spanish Islands and Costas all typically experience daily temperatures in the high twenties or low thirties throughout the month of September. Prices also tend to be cheaper than those in July and August.


If you want to head a little further afield, look into Thailand. September is shoulder season - where there is less likely to be the crowds of high season or the torrential downpours of low season. Some of the best destinations for September holiday deals are Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi.

Northern Ireland

For quick September holiday deals on your doorstep, look to Northern Ireland. You can fly into Belfast from all major airports across the UK, and you can spend your time exploring this booming city and its beautiful surrounds - including the Mountains of Mourne and the Glens of Antrim, which are simply stunning in September.

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