How to plan RTW travel

When it comes to organising round the world (RTW) travel, there's a lot at stake. It's likely that travelling the world is a once in a lifetime experience for you, and you've had to save hard to make it possible. Here are some suggestions and advice to help you plan your trip.

Where to go

You've probably got dozens of locations in mind that you want to visit. It's time to start ordering that list. Make a list of all the countries that you want to see, and beside each, the places within each country that you want to visit (if you know them yet). Then organise countries into regions (for example, Western Europe, South East Asia, Central America...).

Now look at travel between these regions. This can take a fair bit of research. For example, travelling from Japan to Hawaii on the way to California may seem logical geographically, but you will have difficulty finding flights.

Then look at travel within regions. Can you realistically see everything that you want to see within your time constraints?


Money is, unfortunately, often the big decider for RTW travel. We find that the best way to plan your budget is to come up with a rough plan, as above, and then calculate how much this will cost. You'll almost always find that this is more than you can afford!

There's two ways around this: either work out how long it will take you to save that amount and postpone your travel until then, or cut down on the amount of places you will visit or time you will spend away.

To do checklist for RTW travel

  • Organise and pack bag
  • Buy travel insurance
  • Book flights
  • Make accommodation reservations for the first few nights
  • Cancel milk
  • Redirect post
  • Catch up with friends and family
  • Organise visas
  • Make copies of tickets, visas and passport
  • Arrange holiday money or travel credit cards
  • Visit doctor for injections

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