RTW packing tips

Are you planning a gap year, an extended holiday or the trip of a lifetime? Often, one of the most difficult parts of organising a round the world trip is deciding what to bring and what to leave behind. With this in mind, we've rounded up some top tips for RTW packing.

Our first, and most important, RTW packing tip is to pack as light as possible. The old adage is to lay out everything you think you need to bring, then half it. We recommend that you buy a small backpacker (no more than 70 litres) and try to fill it less than two thirds full. This will give you room to rummage for your stuff, plus will allow you to pick things up as you travel.

It's a good idea to sort out everything that you want to bring into you piles: things that you need (e.g. first aid kit, couple of changes of clothes, basic toiletries) and things that you want (e.g. extra clothes, laptop, books). Put all the necessities into your backpack, then see how much room is left for the optionals.

Be ruthless. Although it may seem hard to leave behind your favourite jeans or that extra pair of shoes, on the road you're not likely to miss them. Most people end up rotating two or three outfits and the rest is just a burden to be carried around.

Look for multi-purpose items - for example, a sarong can be a good beach towel, scarf, wrap, dress, skirts, sheet when the hostel's own look a bit dubious...

When it comes to clothes, look for quick drying items that you can layer. This is especially important if your round the world trip will take you through different climates. A couple of cotton t shirts, a light long sleeve shirt and a micro-fibre fleece are good options for RTW packing.

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