The amazing Pinnacles, Australia

The Pinnacles, in Western Australia, are an amazing natural attraction that draw visitors from far and wide. A day trip to the Pinnacles from Perth is a fantastic way to spend a day, and there are plenty of great places and attractions to stop on the way there and the way back.

They are located just three hours from central Perth, but you'll feel like you're on another planet at the Pinnacles, Australia.

Pinnacles day trips are one of the most popular activities for visitors to Western Australia - and when you get there, you'll discover why. These amazing limestone spires rise out of the vast desert landscape in Nambung National Park.

Despite the miles of yellow sand dunes, Nambung is not technically a desert. It is fringed by 26 km of gorgeous coastline and pretty banksia woodlands. From August to October, the surrounding area is blanketed by beautiful wild flowers.

You'll have to do a little driving on unsealed roads to enter the Pinnacles area, but most vehicles shouldn't have any problems. Once there, you can wander among these incredible spires. It's not uncommon to spot a kangaroo or emu resting in the shade of the rocks.

There are a couple of nice spots for picnics, including Hangover Bay and Kangaroo Point. Alternatively, head for lunch in the scenic fishing village of Cervantes. This Coral Coast town boast white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, and is teeming with marine life. Watch rock lobster fishers in action along the jetties (November to June).

Tour or independently?

There are a number of tour providers that offer day trips to the Pinnacles, Western Australia. It is also a good day trip to make independently. You can easily arrange car hire in Perth (Budget, Thrifty and Bayswater are some of the biggest rental companies) and drive to the Pinnacles.

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