Bygone glamour onboard the Orient Express

If you’ve always dreamed of romantic rail holidays on the Orient Express, let us indulge your curiosity and explain a bit more about what you might expect.

The original train, which is probably the most famous in the world, is the Venice Simplon-Orient Express which will take you on a glamorous journey into another time and place.

Admiring its traditional art deco design as it rolls gracefully into the station is just the very beginning of a very special journey – on a very special train.

Inside the Orient Express you’ll find vintage cabins with all the prestige and atmosphere of a Hollywood film.

Live music just ups the ante and as you pull away from the station, you’ll feel your stomach leap and the excitement start to build.

Prepare to be waited on hand and foot, in luxury surroundings where fine dining is at its best. There are three individual restaurants, with their own unique styles, on-board. They are the Cote d’Azur, Etoile du Nord and L’Oriental, which are all just as impressive as each other. Rotate dining options so you can try them all. Table d’hote meals will be included as part of your fare and there’s also an a la Carte menu from which to choose while the talented French chefs even offer ‘room’ service.

As if that’s not enough, you can enjoy a range of different cocktails in the Bar Car which is famed for its skilled mixologists.

And if all this has whet your appetite, you know what to do next! Visit orient-express.com for more information.

Orient Express alternative destinations

As well as the Paris to Venice Orient Express, there are a number of other journey options. These include:

  • London - Venice
  • Venice - London
  • Paris - Budapest - Bucharest - Istanbul
  • Istanbul - Bucharest - Budapest - Venice
  • Venice - Krakow - Dresden - London
  • Venice - Prague - London
  • Venice - Budapest - London
  • Venice - Vienna - London

Journeys are also available as part of holiday packages, which include hotel stays and sightseeing excursions.

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