Holiday attractions in Oban, Scotland

There are endless choices of activities in and about Oban. This delightful community offers sandy beaches, views, shopping, castles and has its own distillery. Most of us can really get into booking a holiday in a town considered to be a seafood capital, which also makes the best scotch whisky right in town. Outdoor enthusiast that love the sea can try their skills with sea kayaking. Check out the food and attractions that make holidays special in Oban.

Holiday attractions


You are bound to have a good time sampling seafood and other delightful dishes found in Oban and surrounding communities. Just imagine fresh fish from the Oban Harbour for your evening meal.

Wander down around the harbour area for the freshest seafood along the North Pier. Keep dinner simple with fish and chips at Norries or George Street Fish and Chips. Cuan More is a great little seafood restaurant and offers Celtic cuisine. Visit the Waterfront Restaurant and watch chefs prepare the evening meal.

Oban Distillery

Top off your holiday visit with a tour of the distillery. The distillery is located right in the middle of town overlooking the sea. Visitors can learn just how and why the distillery is so famous for making scotch whisky. You have ample opportunities to enjoy fine whisky at any one of several bars around town including the Harbour Bar, Cellar Bar, O'Donnells Irish Bar and The Barn.


If you like sunny days and challenges check out the famous sea kayaking. The town has a fine reputation for kayaking and the water is perfect for beginners and experienced kayakers. If you need a few pointers or help getting started, just head on over to the National Kayak School in the town centre.

Dunollie Castle

Any trip to Scotland requires you take in a castle. Wear your good walking shoes for a 20 minute hike up a steep climb to the Dunollie Castle. The castle is situated near the Ganavan Bay and was built over six hundred years ago. Enjoy spectacular views of Mull and Lismore as you tour the castle.

More entertainment

Complete your trip to Oban with a visit to Ganavan Beach. This picturesque beach is a quick 40 minute walk from the town centre. This sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing and scenic walks. Enjoy romantic views of Morven, Lismore and Mull right from the beach. You can find local gifts, jewellery and craft shops dotted throughout town and make a stop into the Oban Chocolate Company for delicious treats.

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