How to combat motion sickness on flights

While reaching your destination and starting your holidays is absolutely wonderful, sometimes the journey itself can be too much for some people. Although fewer people suffer from motion sickness on flights than they used to, it does still happen – particularly among nervous flyers and during bad weather and turbulence.

If you’re one of these people who starts to feel queasy at the mere thought of travel, don’t let it put you off seeing the world because there are lots of things you can do to conquer your motion sickness.

Enjoy a pre-flight meal

Be good to yourself at the airport and have a relaxing meal with a drink to kick-start your vacation. It’s better not to travel on an empty stomach as this can make nausea worse. Try to avoid greasy foods and opt for a small, low-fat meal instead. It’s also fine to drink alcohol, which can have a sedative effect – just don’t drink too much or you’ll start to feel dehydrated during the flight.

Buy snacks for the flight

Eating little and often can keep your stomach settled and stave off sickness. Plus shop-bought snacks can be safer on the stomach than airline food, particularly if you're not sure what they're serving.

Come prepared

Distractions can work wonders for motion sickness. If you're flying long haul, take advantage of the in-flight movies and music. Bring along an MP3 player with a couple of fresh playlists - your favourite music can help your feel more relaxed and keep your mind off the journey.

Take some travel sickness prevention

There are lots of options on the go now, from acupressure bands to motion sickness tablets. And even if you’ve left it until the last minute, there’s no need to panic because they stock these things in the airport pharmacy. Just get yourself kitted out as soon as you arrive and then enjoy the rest of the airport shopping ahead of your flight.

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