The world's most expensive cities

With the currency markets as volatile as they are, the cost of foreign travel is fluctuating almost every day. But who are the winners and the losers in terms of the travel world? Which destinations have strong currencies and a high cost of living? Here we look at the world's most expensive cities for travellers.

The world's most expensive cities for travellers

1. Oslo: Norway's capital is busting with laid back charm, beautiful architecture and an appealing outdoors lifestyle. However, head inside for a coffee or a beer and you'll quickly realise why Oslo tops the lists of expensive cities. Buy the Oslo Pass if you'll be visiting lots of attractions.

2. London: The price of hotels in London is the major factor that drives the cost up for travellers. However, dining and entertainment are also very expensive compared to most European cities.

3. Geneva: The average cost of a hotel room in Geneva is £169, pushing it out of reach for many budget-conscious travellers. Geneva is sleek and cosmopolitan, but it tops the list of expensive cities on mainland Europe.

4. Sydney: The soaring heights of the Australian dollar has pushed Sydney into the list of the world's most expensive cities for foreign travellers. For British travellers, the pound has almost halved in strength against the Aussie dollar in the past decade.

5. Tokyo: Tokyo tops the rankings in terms of the most expensive city to live, and travellers will find accommodation, food and transport costs to be high. Tourist passes (like the Japan Rail Pass) can make your stay more affordable.

How to travel cheaply in the world's most expensive cities

  • Look out for free entrance attractions, such as museums and galleries
  • Master the public transport networks - you'll save big on tour guides or taxi fares
  • Eat out at lunch rather than dinner. Lunch time menus are often half the price of dinner menus

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