Menorca as a travel destination

The Balearic islands form part of an archipelago belonging to Spain. The island of Menorca is one of these. Owing to its location in the Mediterranean, Menorca has a kinder weather. Summers are sunny and warm while winters are mild. Visiting the island is possible at any time of the year making this Balearic island an ideal destination. Have a look at places that could be of interest during your Menorca travel.

Planning your trip

Getting there

Menorca has an airport in Mahon, the capital of the island. There are regular flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Palma Mallorca. During the high tourist season, charter flights arrive from the UK, Germany, France, and Italy.

Places to see

1. Cala Caveleria and a host of fine beaches

If you want to go beach hopping, Menorca is the right place to go. There are plenty of pretty beaches such as the Cala Caldana, Son Bou - San Jaime (the longest beach in the area), Cales Coves, and Cala Turqueta. The beach in Cales Coves is at the bottom of a gorge but you can swim in the rocky sea.

2. Monte Toro

Have enough of the sea and sun? Visit Monte Toro, the highest point on the island at 358 metres. It does not matter if you decide to walk up or take the car. The view up there is fantastic and you can point out places that you recognise. A small chapel, cafe, and shop are some of the facilities on the top.

3. Torre d'en Galmes

This is an archaeological site that sits on top of a hill. Three talayots (Bronze Age stone monuments) are found in the area, the largest of which might have served as a watch tower. Other ruins on the site include remnants of walls and houses.

4. Municipal Museum of Ciutadella

Complement your trip to the Toree d'en Galmes by visiting the municipal museum. It is small but interesting displaying artefacts during the pre-historic period on the island.

5. Plaza Domingo

Your Menorca travel is not all about the beckoning sea and the pristine beaches. As dusk falls, sample the nightlife on the island by visiting Plaza Domingo. There are several bars and themed-restaurants to cater to all sorts of tastes and budgets. Entertainment and shows are available for families, groups and couples.

Festivals while on holiday

Coincide your holidays when major festivals are ongoing on the island. Each year, fiestas are organised to celebrate Carnival and the Holy Week. Another celebration, "Fiesta de la Mare de Deu de Gracia" is held in the month of September. Take part in any of these celebrations to make your Menorca travel a memorable one.

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