A short Marrakesh travel guide

Morocco's proximity to Europe and its milder winter climate make it a popular tourist destination. Marrakesh, the country's fourth largest city, is one place where you can do plenty of things from wandering through its exciting souks (bazaars) to exploring the historical sites of the area. Marrakesh is near the Atlas Mountains, a range of mountains that traverses through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. Your Marrakesh travel guide offers a glimpse of the city's top attractions including surrounding areas.

Places to visit

Djemaa el Fna Square and the souks

Reputed to be the busiest in the country, the central square is a bustling place where you'll find traders selling all sorts of wares, snake charmers, henna women, entertainers, musicians, dancers. It is so vibrant and busy day or night that you should not leave the city without staying a few hours on the square and browse through the souks that are on the side alleys of the square. From this square, the 21st century Koutubia Mosque is visible.

Ali Ben Youssef Medersa (Madrasa)

Catch a glimpse of Islamic architecture and visit this historical theological centre on your Marrakesh travel. It used to be a school for Islamic studies with dormitories to accommodate students. Observe the ornate carvings and geometric patterns in the courtyard and get a feel of how it was in the olden days.

Majorelle Gardens

Occupying 12 acres of land, this botanical garden is a beautiful and relaxing place. Named after the French artist Jacques Majorelle, traces of his famous blue cobalt design are seen on the walls of the garden. There is an impressive cactus collection as well as species of birds endemic to North Africa. The Islamic Art Museum is also found there that has a collection of jewellery, art works, textiles, and ceramics.

Valley of Ourika River

Approximately 30 kilometres from the city of Marrakesh, day trips could be arranged to the Valley of Ourika River. The waterfalls of the Valley are its top attraction. Predominantly inhabited by the Berber people, the area is quiet and relatively untouched. You can also check out how salt is made in the area.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

The Ouzoud Waterfalls drop from a height of 110 metres. It is located northeast of Marrakesh. You can reach the bottom of the waterfalls by following a path filled with olive trees or take the challenging Beni Mallal road.

The Atlas Mountains and more

For a thrilling experience, take a balloon ride and enjoy a magnificent sunrise over the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Take a camel ride or book a desert and dunes tour. Marrakesh travel can also be combined with a side visit to the cities of Casablanca and Agadir so you won't have a problem of taking your tours further.

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