Your guide to Margaret River, Australia

Margaret River, Australia, originally referred to a small town coastal town that was popular with surfers but was largely unknown to everyone else outside of the area. However, these days, Margaret River encompasses a large region in the south west. Here we look at the best attractions and activities in the region.

Gourmet food and wine

Margaret River produces a relatively small percentage of Australia's wine, but a high percentage of its fine wines. The quality of the food here matches that of the wine, and some of the world's best chefs have set up shop in Margaret River, Australia. Gourmet local produce includes olives and olive oils, truffles and chocolate. Some of the many wineries in Margaret River are Flying Fish, Woody Nook, Leeuwin Estate Winery and Madfish Wines. Many of the wineries have "cellar doors" and restaurants, where you can taste and buy wines.

Coastal scenery

The windswept beaches of Margaret River are popular with surfers, swimmers and walkers. Sheltered bays dot the coast and many are patrolled during high season. There are also whale and dolphin spotting cruises throughout the year.


The Margaret River region is home to some spectacular karst caves - there are around 150 in total. Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave are open all year round and public tours are available.


If you are in Margaret River in September, October or November, we highly recommend taking a wildflower tour. There are various hotspots throughout the region that are carpeted in beautiful and colourful wildflowers.

Culture and History

Learn about the Aboriginal history of Margaret River, Australia, with a visit to Wardandi Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the most south westerly point of Australia, at the place where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean. It is over 100 years old and remains an important working lighthouse.

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