Luxurious yet affordable Luxor holidays

Try Thomson (thomson.co.uk) for finding inexpensive Luxor holidays. Purchase a 7 day trip leaving on Thomson Airways. Take off from a number of airports in the UK such as Gatwick, Edinburgh, London, and Manchester.

Stay at the Sheraton Luxor Resort that’s situated on the banks of the Nile. Prices start at £490 per person inclusive of flights, hotel stay, and transfers. Take a dip in the pool while enjoying a view of the river. Sample different cuisines offered at the hotel such as Italian, Indian or Egyptian.

Once you’ve completely relaxed, take a look at what the city has to offer. There is so much to see in Luxor that it has been touted as an "open-air" museum. Luxor Temple is a 'must see' place that consists of a huge complex of temples. Gape in wonder at the majestic statue at the entrance and explore the ruins, chapels, and towers.

Don't miss the temples in Karnak, reputed to be the biggest 'ancient religious site' in the world. Marvel at the length of time it took to erect these buildings by strolling through Hypostyle Hall filled with gargantuan columns.

When you're done for the day, take your sundowner at the 5-star Hotel Sofitel Winter Palace. It is believed that the British novelist, Agatha Christie, stayed in this hotel while writing her famous Death on the Nile detective book.

Swing to the other side of the bank and add the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens to your itinerary. If time is no object, include the ancient burial site of the Tombs of the Nobles.

Check out deals on Monarch (monarch.co.uk) for alternative Luxor holidays. Book a stay at the magnificent Steigenberger Hotel Palace for £503.30 per person inclusive of flights, half board stay, and transfers. This opulent hotel is built on the banks of the Nile so you'll have views of the longest river in the world whenever you want. Relax in the fully equipped Health Club of the hotel or tee off in a nearby golf course.

What better way to relive ancient times by visiting top attractions while luxuriating in your well-appointed accommodations? Take the plunge and reserve your Luxor holidays now.

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