Fun things to see and do in Llandudno, Wales

Llandudno is one of Wales' most popular seaside resorts. Famous as one of the Victorian era's most-visited holiday destinations, nowadays Llandudno is a wonderful place to visit because of its historical sites and thoroughly modern shopping and eating venues.

In fact, Llandudno has so many fun things to see and do, it's hardly surprising you won't have time to do them all.

The Great Orme Tramway - Few people visit Llandudno and don't go on The Great Orme Tramway. It's the UK's only surviving cable-operated street tram and it's a smashing way to see the amazing views out over Llandudno and the sea beyond.

Get on the tramway at Llandudno Victoria Station and go all the way to Halfway Station, where you'll change trains and finish your ride up to just under the summit of Great Orme. The scenery is spectacular and it's a lovely place to take photos. Don't miss the shops, restaurants and amusements at the top either.

Codman's Punch and Judy - With so many British seaside resorts doing away with their Punch and Judy's shows, it's nice to see Llandudno still has one. Codman's Punch and Judy is opposite the pier, and has shows three times a day during peak season, and twice a day at low-season.

Home Front Experience - Interested in the Second World War? Then you shouldn't miss the Home Front Experience - a wonderful living-history museum of life in Great Britain during the 1940s.

Great Orme Mines - The world's oldest public mine, while it might seem odd going on a mine tour on your holidays, it's really not. At the Great Orme Mines, you'll see a fascinating film about the history of the mines, then get taken on a guided exploration of massive tunnels and caves.

Conwy Castle - While not technically in Llandudno, as it's a few minutes away in nearby Conwy, no visit to Llandudno is complete without seeing this incredible medieval castle. A World Heritage Site, Conwy Castle is one of the oldest castles in the UK that's still predominantly standing, and a superb example of the architecture and masonry of its time.

Shopping and eating

When you're done with your sightseeing for the day, don't miss Llandudno's superb shopping and eating venues. From Madoc Books - one of the best rare bookshops in the country, to Grumpys Sweet Shop, and Merrymoon for all your mystical and new age supplies, Llandudno has the most interesting shops.

For dining, Take a Break Cafe is a traditional British cafe serving the best hot meals, Fish Tram Chips was voted Wales' best fish and chip shop two years in a row, and Bengal Dynasty will satisfy all your Indian cravings.

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