Late availability holidays - FAQs

Trying to book late availability holidays can be a confusing process. We aim to take some of the stress out of the situation by answering some of your frequently asked questions.

What are late availability holidays?

The phrase "late availability holidays" is basically travel agent speak for last minute holidays.

How do I book late availability holidays?

You can book late availability holidays in three main ways:

  • From a high street travel agent (for example, Thomas Cook or First Choice)
  • From an online travel agent (for example, Thomas Cook online or Expedia)
  • Direct from the provider without any travel agent help (i.e. by booking your flights with the airline and your hotel directly with the hotel)

What makes late availability holidays different from other holidays?

Late availability holidays are usually special offers on packages that have extra spaces. They are almost always found through a travel agent (online or on the High Street), and can represent a great discount deal for anyone who is flexible with dates and destinations.

What about booking directly with the travel providers?

Finding late availability holidays independently can be tricky. Travel agents normally buy in bulk, and can sell off surplus places at a discount rate. However, scheduled flights rarely operate like this - instead, they tend to get more expensive as the departure date gets closer. Therefore last minute flights are usually very expensive.

If you are staying within the UK, you could get a good discount on late availability hotels by booking directly with the hotel's reservation departments. For hotels, empty rooms represent lost earning potential, so there could be some room for negotiation.

How can I secure the best deal on late availability holidays?

When it comes to late availability holidays, you'll find that the best offers are snapped up quickly. We recommend that you sign up for travel agents' email alerts so that you'll have advanced notice of a sale. And always take a few moments to check the competition - you never know how much you could save by shopping around.

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