Discover Kangaroo Island

Given its amazing natural beauty, it's no surprise that most of our favourite attractions on Kangaroo Island relate to its scenery and wildlife. One of the best ways to enjoy Kangaroo Island is just to explore some of the parks and beaches on foot - but don't leave without seeing these sights!

Top places to visit on Kangaroo Island

Flinders Chase National Park - Rich in jaw dropping beauty and native wildlife, Flinders Chase National Park is top of our Kangaroo Island must-sees. The Remarkable Rocks are probably the most photographed sight on Kangaroo Island, but there are plenty of other hidden gems within the park.

Nocturnal Tours - You can take nocturnal tours in a number of different locations on Kangaroo Island. One of the most popular is the tour at American River. This is a great chance to see wildlife at its most active. Within ten minutes, we had spotted seven koalas, eight wallabies, two kangaroos and a possum - not bad!

Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre - Nightly parades by the native Fairy Penguins are the highlight, but there is also a surprisingly fun afternoon pelican feeding.

Seal Bay Conservation Park - Walk among Australian sea lions as they loll on the beaches of Seal Bay. See the huge bulls return from long fishing trips at sea, and look on as the cute pups scamper and play.

Cape Willoughby Lighthouse - Established in 1852, Cape Willoughby is South Australia's first lighthouse. As you might expect, it has a fascinating history and plenty of stories to tell!

Penneshaw Penguin Centre - See the cute Little Penguins on the informative nightly tour. There's an information centre and a viewing platform. Penneshaw is the main ferry port on Kangaroo Island, so it's well served by roads.

Admirals Arch - Admirals Arch is famous for its dramatic volcanic scenery, but the real surprise is the large colony of New Zealand fur seals. Watch them frolic in the crashing waves and doze on the rocks.

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