Greece sailing holidays

The unique landscape of Greece is famous all over the world. With a fantastic blend of continental beauty and astounding islands, this country is best to be explored by sea. Whether you choose a luxury yacht, a speed boat charter or a sailboat, you will certainly be amazed by the beautiful sceneries you will discover during Greece sailing holidays.

Odyssey Sailing

Odyssey Sailing offers a variety of yacht and boat sailing tours in all the important regions of Greece. One of their offers is a two-week adventure sailing cruise in the Aegean, which will offer you the opportunity to discover a range of historical islands mentioned in mythology. You will also get the chance to visit several archaeological sites, swim in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea and enjoy several shore excursions. Some of the tour excursions included in the package are visits to Mykonos, the temple of Poseidon, Aegina, Antiparos, Ios and Paros islands. The cruise starts at the Alimos Marina in Athens, which is conveniently located 30 minutes away from the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

Blue Water Holidays

For those who would like to book a Greece sailing trip that will take them from Corfu to Capri, The Mediterranean and Neapolitan Dolce Vita tour offered by Blue Water Holidays could be an ideal choice. This is a 7-night cruise that starts with exploring the charming ancient city of Corfu. Next, you will sail to Katakolon, where you will get the chance to take an optional excursion to the ancient site of Olympia. This is the place where the Olympic Games were born and it features two impressive temples of Zeus and Hera.

Nisos Ionian Yacht Charter

If you want to book a Greece sailing cruise in the Ionian Sea, you can choose some of the trips offered by Nisos Ionian Yacht Charter. These cruises will offer you the chance to visit some of the most beautiful islands in the west of Greece, including Kalamos, Kastos, Kephalonia, Lefkas and Ithaca. Nisos Ionian Yacht Charter also offers a fine selection of villa accommodation for your holiday in Greece.

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