Cruise the Pacific Highway with a fly drive holiday in California

A fly drive California holiday often follows a packed itinerary. Trying to pack in Hollywood, San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley and the rest of the stops along the tourist trail can make for a stressful holiday. Instead, why not wind down the window, put some mellow tunes on the sound system, and cruise along the Pacific coast road?

Hit the highway

Numerous UK travel operators offer fly-drive California packages. Look for the best deals at operators like Virginholidays.co.uk or Californiaflydrives.com.

Try to find packages that allow you to arrive and depart from different airports. For instance, flying into Los Angeles and departing from San Francisco will allow the opportunity to see more of the coast.

A coastal trip is ideal for shorter holidays, and you can pack in a great deal, even if you've only got a week. The long California coast offers an infinite variety of small beaches, bustling resorts and opportunities to see wildlife up close.

Northern California in particular is ideal for wilderness hikes over soaring cliffs, and chances to spot seal colonies and basking whales. Explore giant redwood forests and browse around charming little towns like Mendocino or Pacific Grove.

Turn your fly drive in California into a couple of city breaks separated by a road trip. In LA, you can enjoy the familiar tourist sites of Hollywood, shopping in Beverly Hills and people-spotting on Venice Beach.

San Francisco offers a more laid-back vibe around the bay, with a chance to explore the old hippie hangout of Haight-Ashbury, the Italian bohemian enclave of North Beach, or take a boat trip out to Alcatraz.

Surf's up

A coastal trip on your fly drive California holiday is a chance to understand why this part of the world is the home of beach culture. A couple of Beach Boys CDs, some sun lotion, a bikini and a cool hire-car are all you need. Just head north and keep the ocean on your left and you can't go wrong.

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