Taking a peek at Derry

Take the opportunity for a pleasant visit to Ireland's fourth biggest city, Derry. Although most call the town Derry, today it still goes by Doire, the Maiden City, Stroke City and Londonberry. Whilst on holiday, you can easily explore the culture, history, a city of walls, take in a golf game or boutique shopping. Check out tours, attractions, shopping, dining, pubs and lodging for a marvellous holiday.

Peeking around town


You have several choices for getting around town including walking, taxis, boats and buses. You might enjoy a simple bus tour if its your first visit, which takes you into the centre to see the Catholic Nationalist Bogside or the mixed Waterside. A gentle boat ride aboard the Foyle Cruiser carries you through the city with a tour information guide.


It is easy enough to meander through the city exploring museums, historic buildings or take a walking tour to see the sights. Explore the historic town centre where you can see the famous walls that completely encircle the city and enjoy panoramic views. You can also partake of outdoor sports throughout the city, play golf or visit the parks for afternoon picnics.


Shoppers have a delightful time exploring the side streets of city centre. You can find speciality shops and cute boutiques offering a variety of goods, trinkets and Irish souvenirs. The Richmond Centre and Foyleside Centre are both easy to find and offer lots of great shopping.


You will find several little cafes and fine dining throughout the city. If you get a chance, check out Mange 2, Quaywest and Cafe Calm.


If you enjoy conversation, good ale and like to party, then this is the holiday spot for you. Traditional Irish pubs abound through the city and there has to be one or two that will strike your fancy. Nightlife spots include Peadar O'Donnell's, Gweedore Bar, The Metro and Sugar.


Consider cheap no frills hotels like Paddy's Palace or the Derry City Independent Hostel. If you prefer something a bit more plush book a room at the 4-star Everglades, Tower Hotel or the City Hotel.

Family activities

After exploring Derry, you and the family might enjoy a few excursions just outside of town. The Ballycastle Beach offers bird watching, swimming, spectacular views and boat trips. Clementsmount Fun Farm offers lots of play park activities and animals for the kids. If you get the chance, make a stop to Castle Island designed for kids 12 and under for a fun day of play.

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