How to get the cheapest holiday deals

When you're booking your holidays, you don't want to spend any more than you have to. There's nothing worse than paying for your vacation only to realise that you could have got an identical holiday elsewhere for less. Here we offer some tips for getting the cheapest possible holiday deals.

  • Plan your holiday in advance. Most of the best deals are available well in advance of the departure date. You'll also have greater flexibility to choose when and where you want to travel. Flights in particular are normally at their cheapest at least four months before the departure date.
  • Failing this, look for last minute deals. These are usually available with travel agents who use charter flights - scheduled flights tend to be very expensive shortly before departure. You tend to get left with the holidays no one else has booked - so be prepared to compromise.
  • Shop around. Nowadays, most of the best deals are found online - and comparison sites allow you to round up and compare a range of deals at once. You not only see the prices of the packages - allowing you to choose the cheapest holiday deals - but you can also see what is included and excluded.
  • You might not realise it, but many travel agents do have the power to vary the price a little - so why not try to haggle? Call two or three travel agents for a quote, then play them off against each other to see if they will reduce their prices or throw something in for free (such as transfers or breakfasts).

And remember

One final note - don't feel pressurised into booking a holiday just because it's a good deal. It's easy to get swept away by bargains and book one of the cheapest holiday deals that you might not otherwise have looked twice at. Research where you want to go and stick with it rather than being pressurised by sales technique.

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