Cheap luxury holidays can be yours!

If you think that cheap luxury holidays are a contradiction in terms, think again! If you look in the right places and be smart with your bookings, luxury can be yours on a budget! Here we look at some of the best ways to get luxury holidays on the cheap...

1. Choose the right destination

There's no point in hankering after a bargain break in Bora Bora - it's just not going to happen. The best places to find luxury on a budget are in places that are already popular with mainstream travellers - like Thailand, Spain or Greece, for example. These destinations are more likely to offer good value for money to attract more holiday makers.

2. Book for low season

Most travel destinations experience definite peak season. In Europe, for example, this corresponds to the summer months of July and August. In the tropics, this corresponds to the dry season. As you might expect, prices are at their highest during these busy periods. If you want to find cheap luxury holidays, you'll have to look in low season, or at least shoulder season (the season that is somewhere between high and low). This is when luxury hotels are likely to be at their cheapest.

3. Book either well in advance or at the last minute

Booking in advance is the most secure way of locking in a good deal. Flight prices normally only go up and up as the departure date approaches. However, if you've waited until the last minute to book, travel agents may be able to offer you a discount rate on a luxury holiday.

4. Play providers up against each other

If you want a cheap holiday, you should shop around. But if you want cheap luxury holidays, you're going to have to be ruthless. Phone the hotel or travel agent and let them know exactly what their rival is offering you - then call back the rival to let them know the updated offer. Competition is fierce in the travel business and you can use this to your advantage to score a bargain.

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