Looking for cheap holiday destinations?

Are you tightening your belt but still dreaming of a relaxing holiday? There are a number of cheap holiday destinations that will allow you to get away from it all without blowing the budget. To get the best value deals for these destinations, remember to book well in advance and shop around to compare deals.


Thanks to a growing number of competing budget airlines, India is getting cheaper to travel to. And once you're there, you'll find that the cost of travelling is very low. Expect to send around £58 per day if you're staying in three star hotels and eating from mid range restaurants. Budget travellers could easily get by for less than £15 per day.


Since Portugal joined the Eurozone, it is no longer as cheap as it used to be for British travellers. But it is still one of the best cheap holiday destinations in Western Europe, and with its hostels consistently ranking as the best in the world, it is ideal for backpackers and budget travellers.


Turkey is a popular holiday spot for beach lovers, but its rich cultural heritage is often overlooked. Located on the boundaries of Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a treasure trove of cultural history for anyone who looks for it. What's more, it is a very affordable destination - with four star hotels typically costing around £40 per night.


A holiday in Malaysia may sound exotic and luxurious, but it needn't be overly expensive. Direct flights from London to Kuala Lumpur start at just £295 with Air Asia, and Malaysia itself has very cheap accommodation and food.


The pound may not be as strong against the dollar as it was three years ago, but the USA is still one of the best cheap holiday destinations for British tourists hoping to do a little shopping while they are away. Transatlantic flights can be very reasonable if booked a few months in advance.

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