Cheap winter holidays

Can't wait for your summer holidays to roll around? Why not plan a getaway for the winter. You don't have to spend a fortune either - there are some great options for cheap winter holidays. Here we look at some of our tops options for winter holidays away that won't blow the budget.

Cheap skiing holidays

Whether the slopes are your second home or you're a first time skier, there's no denying that you can pick up some good deals on cheap winter ski holidays if you book in advance. Many major British travel agents offer good deals on ski packages. Some of the most popular packages involve travel to the Swiss Alps or Austria. Thomas Cook and Thompson have a range of budget skiing options.

Cheap city breaks

Winter is the best time to visit some of Europe's most popular cities. Head to Prague, Vienna or Berlin for their amazing Christmas markets and a fantastic festive atmosphere. It's easy to arrange your travel independently - book your flights and accommodation online to avoid paying commission and find the best deals. Sites like Expedia or Last Minute are good for creating your own holiday.

Winter sunshine

For some winter sunshine, try the Canary Islands. There are plenty of cheap deals from airports right across the UK, and if you book in advance you'll find all inclusive holidays from as little as £259 per person per week. Winter is low season, so you'll find cheap deals on both hotels and flights in top destinations like Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

Book early

Remember, to get the best deals on cheap winter holidays you'll either have to book in advance or get a last minute deal. Booking in advance is the best option if you have a particular destination in mind - but if you aren't fussy you can pick up a bargain deal at the last minute.

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