Top August holiday deals

For many destinations, travel is most expensive during the summer months - when demand for flights and hotels is higher. However, it is still possible to pick up good value August holiday deals. The trick to saving money is to do your research before booking. This article is a useful starting point.

Are you flexible with destinations?

If you have no specific destination in mind, you might be able to snap up last minute August holiday deals from high street travel agents. Late deals are often advertised in store windows, and you might come across some real bargains in late July or early August. However, because August is such a popular time to travel, this is a risky strategy - all the best destinations may have sold out months before.

Are you flexible with travel dates?

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to find a good deal on holidays in August by travelling on Tuesdays or Sundays - these days tend to be less popular with travellers and thus airfare may be cheaper. Holidays often bulk up their prices on weekend, so plan your stay accordingly to get the best value for money.

Are you willing to put in the leg work?

When it comes to landing the best deals on holidays, you need to shop around. Comparison websites (like Sky Scanner and Travel Supermarket) are a good starting point - but you should also try to negotiate deals directly with the provider. There may be some room for negotiation if they know that their competitor is offering a cheaper price.

The best method

The best method of getting good August holiday deals is just to book well in advance. This will lock in low prices (an increasing number of hotels are offering discounts for advance bookings - a model that airlines have been using for years) and ensure that you get the holidays that you want.

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