Exploring the Aran Islands

Take a holiday to the Aran Islands just off the western coastline of Ireland. You can explore three different islands at your own pace, and enjoy sandy beaches and marvel at steep shoreline cliffs. Visit the Inis Mor, the Inis Meain or the Inis Oirr Island. There is plenty of local transportation and you can easily visit all three islands to see wonderful church ruins, stone forts and artists handiwork of the region.

Overview of Aran Islands


You can book your stay ahead of time if you wish, and there are several lodging options at hand. Choose from campgrounds, hotels, kitchenettes and rooms. Or if you prefer, check out hostels and Bed and Breakfasts. Every island offers some type of lodging, and it is easy to stay overnight on one island while visiting other islands by day.

Pick the best accommodations for your needs with a quick Internet search of lodging for anyone of the islands.

Get into the spirit of the islands by visiting the local restaurants and pubs. Everyone has a great time and be sure and enjoy the local fish catch of the day, organic vegetables and Aran lamb.


Getting to the islands for a holiday stay is not difficult. Aer Arran Islands offers daily flights to all three islands. Aran Island Ferries and Aran Islands Direct offer ferry services.


Wearing comfortable shoes is a must. You will be walking during much of your sightseeing around the islands and most are composed of stone and rocks, so be prepared.

Be prepared for rain or light mist as you explore the islands. Pack rain gear and extra sweater for comfort.

Plan for an active outdoor holiday when visiting the islands. Tourists check out the islands with trap tours, horseback riding, biking or walking.


Inis Mor Island, also called the Big Island features unusual landscapes and many fine arts and crafts of the celtic culture. Poke around the Kilronan harbour and fishing port on a lazy summer afternoon. Hiking, swimming, sight-seeing, fishing and cycling are all available for outdoor enthusiasts.

A stop at the Inis Meain Island reveals hilly landscape and spectacular views of the Mohar cliffs. Divers spend their afternoons diving and snorkelling through crystal clear waters.

Take a ferry over to the Inis Oirr Island, also called the East island. The whole family can have a great time exploring the old lighthouse, the Cill Chobait Church and Obriens Castle. Visitors also enjoy the beach and surfing is quite popular.

Three islands on one holiday

There is no doubt about it, if you decide to book holiday at the Aran Islands, you are sure to have a relaxing time. Take advantage of the proximity of all three islands during your holiday stay to get a real taste of the cultures, people, pubs and local foods.

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