7 Beach Resorts on a Shoestring

Sun, sand, and captivating waters are reasons enough for a holiday, but so is the budget. At these seven beach resorts, money’s not an issue!

Taufua Beach Fales. Fresh sea breeze… soft, warm sand… relaxing sounds of the waves crashing against the shore… these are some of the compelling reasons to visit Samoa. Embark on the tranquil escape you’ve always dreamed of—far from the maddening crowds and crowded cities–and hide away in a Samoan fale. The exotic perks include thatched roofs on wooden posts, elevated timber floors, and verandas with pictureque views. All these and more are yours starting from £ 24.

  • Nadi Bay Resort Hotel. Venturing into Fiji with very little cash? No worries; Nadi Bay Resort Hotel offers the best holiday at unbelievably low prices. Four kilometres away from Nadi Town, this low-cost resort brims with interesting activities—on air, underwater, and even on land. Explore Yasawa Islands, enjoy a skydiving adventure, dive and discover breathtaking underwater beauty, or trek to new heights. Then retreat to the Whispers Bar and Restaurant, where mouth-watering specialties such as kokoda (Spanish mackerel marinated in freshly squeezed coconut cream) and rorou rolls with prawn (Fijian spinach rolled in a tomato-chilli dough with nuts, cheese, and sundried tomatoes). Fun begins at a measly £ 24.
  • Alta Vista de Boracay. An Asian tourist haven, Boracay Island in the Philippines teems with exquisite resorts at affordable prices. A four-star resort perched on a hill, Alta Vista de Boracay is a traveller’s sanctuary, with panoramic mountain vistas, lush greenery, and an infinity pool. Stay with the entire family in the huge, luxurious loft room, with a balcony where the cool breeze blows, and admire the breathtaking scenery. A few minutes’ boat ride away are the renowned White Beach and Puka Beach, with their soft, immaculate white sands, astonishing azure waters, and exciting activities such as Jet Skiing, surfing, and Paraw Sailing (a romantic cruise toward the sunset aboard the local boat paraw). Prices start from £ 39.
  • Halcyon Palm. You don’t need to be a famous celebrity like Rihanna to enjoy a Barbados getaway! Halcyon Palm, a two-star resort, offers brightly lit rooms only 10 minutes away from the captivating blue waters. The resort also features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and offer rooms as cheap as £ 42.
  • Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa in Phuket. Paradise need not be expensive, especially when you’re in Asia! At Woraburi Resort in Phuket (Thailand’s largest island that’s almost the size of Singapore), you can splurge like a celebrity on spacious rooms and suites, heavenly massage treatments, and ultra-satisfying buffet meals. Add to that an idyllic beachfront location with stunning white sand and lovely blue waters. This four-star resort named after a place where fairies are said to revel in perpetual happiness will seem like nirvana, for just the small price of £ 45.
  • Casa Conde Del Mar Hotel & Resort. Believe it or not, luxury comes cheap in this four-star resort in Costa Rica. Long stretches of taupe sand beach, clear waters, and striking pools with ornate fountains entice visitors to indulge in sun-drenched holidays. A Jacuzzi with hydro-massage, wet bar, and cosy rooms are just some of the perks at this beachfront resort. Rates start at £ 45.
  • Orange Hill Beach Inn. Spectacular sunsets alone make this budget resort in Bahamas worth visiting. Overlooking the stunning ocean waters, this 32-room hotel boasts of a huge pool with sun lounges, Internet access, and charming rooms ranging from poolside units, apartments, and private cottages. Sumptuous meals can be had starting from £ 3 (breakfast) and the cheapest accommodation is at £ 74.

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